South Carolina Society, C.A.R.

State President: Will Flint - Senior State President: Christine Burnette 

South Carolina Society, National Society of the Children of the American Revolution

Welcome to South Carolina C.A.R.  We are an energetic group of kids actively learning to be tomorrow's leaders.  We learn from an early age the importance of our American citizenship and how we can grow to be the good citizens of tomorrow. We also learn about our heritage and the history of our country, celebrate our veterans and current service men and women, and pull it all together by putting our education to practice through meetings and voting.  

This year we will continue to be active in commemorating historical events throughout South Carolina.  We will also be participating in service projects through our Kids Helping Kids committee, as well as projects honoring the men and women that protect the freedoms our ancestors originally fought to gain.  So join in the fun!  Children ages birth through 21 may join us.  All you need to do is prove your ancestry to a man or woman who participated/supported the colonists during the American Revolution. 

"Good citizens cannot be made suddenly. They must grow..."
                                                                                                                                                                               Harriett Lothrop

Information about the 2015-2016 State Project: Helping Our Heroes

 Every year, at least 3 million animals are put to death in shelters. And every day, 18 American military heroes take their own lives. These nightmares aren’t going away.  Until they do, Canine Angels’ mission is to rescue dogs from shelters and prepare them to serve disabled veterans and first responders.  Rick Kaplan, founder of the non-profit, Canine Angels, has been training working service dogs for people with disabilities for more than 20 years. Mr. Kaplan has trained dogs to assist those with hearing disabilities, seizures and PTSD, as well as stability and mobility issues. Working with his two personal chocolate Labrador service dogs, Fred & Ginger, he perfected his unique method of modifying canine behavior to connect with their natural instincts and achieve breakthrough training results in the least possible time. His deep appreciation for veterans and the sacrifices they’ve made for our safety and freedom led to the founding in 2011 of Canine Angels, nonprofit public-benefit corporation.
Contact us to learn how you can support this project!

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Updated  April 21, 2015

2015-2016 Themes

State Society:

Will Flint, State President

Theme: Helping our Heroes
Project: Support the non-profit organization, Canine Angels, to rescue dogs from animal shelters and train them to be service dogs for veterans and first responders who have physical disabilities or PTSD.

National Society:
Erin Jackson, National President
Theme: The Road to Independence
Project: Funding of  a new permanent exhibit "The First Oval Office: George Washington's Field Headquarters" as the centerpiece of the Museum of the American Revolution opening in Philadelphia PA in 2017.

What is the C.A.R.?

The Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.) trains good citizens, develops leaders, and promotes love of the United States of America. South Carolina has local societies throughout the state that promote the projects and theme each year. They are actively involved in community service projects, as well as learn about their American heritage.

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