South Carolina Society, Children of the American Revolution   

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Our History

Members of the S.C.S.C.A.R. enjoy activities such as marching in parades, performing skits, visiting with veterans and participating in historical tours. Activities such as these along with the experience of electing officers and participating in meetings not only build leadership skills but also teach community involvement and an appreciation of our country and its founders. These are lesson that will help them succeed throughout life.


Harriett M Lothrop – Founder

Chartered June 5, 1895


 Motto – For God and My Country

Colors – Red, White, and Blue

Tree – Magnolia

Flower –White Carnation

Past State Presidents and Senior State Presidents
G. Taylor Davis Award for Most Outstanding Society President (Past Recipients List)  

C.A.R. Objective

The Children of the American Revolution organization was founded in 1895 and is the oldest patriotic organization for youths in our country. Membership is open to those under 22 years of age and are descendents of patriots of the American Revolution. Meetings and activities are planned for all ages with special consideration given to younger members.

C.A.R. teaches leadership through participation in meetings, parliamentary procedures and standard protocol, serving as delegates and speaking before groups at local, state and national conferences. The responsibility and privilege of selecting officers helps members gain an understanding of the democratic process.

The six primary objectives of the C.A.R. are:

To acquire knowledge of American History.

To preserve and restore places of Historical importance associated with men and women who forwarded American Independence.

To ascertain the deeds and honor the memories of the men, women and children who rendered service to the cause of the American Revolution.

To promote the celebration of patriotic anniversaries.

To honor and cherish the Flag of the United States of America above every other flag.

To love, uphold and extend the principles of American liberty and patriotism.

American's Creed

I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people, whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a Perfect Union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.

I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it; to support its Constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its Flag; and to defend it against all enemies.

Salute to the Flag of South Carolina

I salute the flag of South Carolina and pledge to the Palmetto State love, loyalty and faith.

C.A.R. Creed

I believe in the Children of the American Revolution as an organization for the training of young people in true patriotism and love of country, in order that they shall be better fitted for American citizenship.

As a descendant of the Founders of my Country, I believe that my birthright brings a certain responsibility to carry on their work, and that as the boys and girls of 1776 took an active part in the War for Independence, so the boys and girls of today have a definite work to do for their Country.

As a member of the Children of the American Revolution, I believe it is my to duty to use my influence to create a deeper love of country, a loyal respect for our Constitution and a reverence for its Flag, among the young people with whom I come in contact.

C.A.R. Song

We're members of the C.A.R.

A great and mighty band

We pledge our might for the cause of right

For home and native land.

We love thee, Old Glory,

And we ever strive to be

Most worthy descendants

Of worthy ancestry;

We love thee, Old Glory,

And our hearts are staunch and true,

We love each stripe and ev'ry star

Of our flag, red, white, and blue.


Those great and noble patriots,

Offered up their blood,

To save a new born nation,

From a cruel tyrant's rod.



 The blue calls out to us, "Be true,"

The white calls out, "Be pure,"

The red, "Be brave, their blood they gave,

That this land might endure."



Past State Themes and Projects

Each year our State President chooses a theme and a project for members to participate in throughout their administration. 

2017-2018 State President:  Kathryn Smith

 Members were "Preserving Fields of Honor"  this year as they raised money to raise awareness and fund improvements to Blackstock Battlefield located in Union County, South Carolina. This is the location where "The Gamecock" General Thomas Sumter defeated Banistre Tarleton on November 20, 1780.  The society raised over $8,000 for the project that will provide fencing to protect the battlefield, as well as an informational kiosk..

2016-2017 State President:  Katherine Schemine

 Members learned about the 500 miles of the Palmetto Trail that crosses South Carolina as they supported this year's state projects "Preserving the Palmetto Trail." Members toured portions of the trail, learned about the history, and the needs for preservation and the damage the recent floods have caused to the project.  The society raised $2,300 for the palmetto trail preservation.


2015-2016 State Project - President:  Will Flint

Helping our Heroes... members collected over $8,000 to support the work at Canine Angels.  The purpose is to provide service dogs for to assist veterans with hearing disabilities, seizures and PTSD, as well as stability and mobility issues.

2014-2015 State Project - President: Emily Wagner

Home of the Brave...members collected funds to support the USS Yorktown as they learned about the historical significance of the ship.  The state conference ended with a sleepover on the Yorktown battleship located near Charleston. 

2013-2014 State Project - President: Jason Hubbs

Preserving Tamassee's Legacy...members collected approximately $6,000 to provide a scholarship to a student to attend Tamassee DAR School.  The members celebrated with a special State Conference at Tamassee DAR School, which included the involvement of students at Tamassee. 

2012-2013 State Project - President: Callie Danielle Cox

Oh, The Places We'll Go...took the members of the C.A.R. through a year of commemorations and special memories. This year the President's Project promoting United Through Reading - donating over 550 new hard backed children's books valued at $4,500 plus presenting a check for $1,620 to the USO to support this valuable project for our military and their families, helping them keep communication alive.

2011-2012 State Project - President: Will Branson

Remembering the American Dream focused on the new Isaac Huger park in Myrtle Beach. The project encouraged members learn about General Isaac Huger and raise funds to dedicate a marble bench (valued at $2,500) at the new historical park in Myrtle Beach. The bench will be placed near the grove of Oak trees that are found on the property. The mature trees were actuallly standing in that location during the American Revolution and survived land development, hurricanes, and the use of the land as a bombing range during WWII.

2010-2011 State Project - President: Jack Hubbs

Marking the Trails of Valor put a renewed dedication to conservation . The project encouraged members to volunteer and help keep the trails of valor beautiful. Funds raised ($1,200) for this project provided signage at Charkestowne Landing, a South Carolina State Park dedicated to preserving our colonial heritage.

2009-2010 State Project - President: Michael Wagner

South Carolina Reflections from the Mountains to the Sea focused on the National and State President Projects. The National Project was a restoration project for the Morris Island Lighthouse in Charleston. The State President's project Toys for Tamassee supported the DAR School located in the mountains of South Carolina. The members collected over $1,200 in monetary donations to purchase outdoor sports and play equipment for the children living at Tamassee DAR School

2008-2009 State Project - President: Thomas Burnette

The Society raised $2,500 in it's project for South Carolina's Kids, to support the research at MUSC Children's Hospital. The project focused on the pediatric cardiology fund. Members participated by making over 300 blank dolls that doctors use to explain complicated medical procedures to children. MUSC serves all children in South Carolina and is the only hospital in South Carolina that specializes in pediatric cardiology.

2007-2008 State Project - President: Sagen Blackwell

The Society raised over $12,000 to support the Wounded Warrior Project. Members participated in a the Carolina Challenge Soldier Ride, organized by Sagen Blackwell, that raised over $50,000 for the project. The members of C.A.R. were given the opportunity to learn about the Wounded Warrior Project. This project offered the opportunity to show our appreciation to the service men and women who protect the freedoms are ancestors fought for during the American Revolution.

 2006-2007 State Project - President: Danielle Davis

Theme: Fun in the Sun - The Society worked hard this year to present their friends at Tamassee DAR School with a Summer Recreation Fund. This fund is to help pay for summer camp opportunities for Tamassee DAR School students that live during the summer months.. Members collected donations and gave over $1,200 for the fund.

2005-2006 State Project - President: Caroline Ingram

The Society theme "General Francis Marion- South Carolina Defender of Freedom" focused on the great accomplishments of Marion and his successful siege of Fort Motte. Funds were raised to provide assistance in the publication about the history and archaeology of Fort Motte, a British fort of the American Revolution. The publication is based on the work of archaeologists with the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of South Carolina.

 2004-2005 State Project - President: Morgan Childers

The Society worked hard this year to present their friends at Tamassee DAR School with a Recreation Fund. This fund is to help support after school sports activities by paying for activity fees and equipment for students interested in playing team sports. Members collected donations and gave over $2,000 to start the fund.

2003-2004 State Project - President: Caroline Berry

The South Carolina children worked to return a 1763 school roster back to South Carolina. The school roster is fourteen pages and many names on the list later became revolutionary patriots. This item has been donated to the permanent exhibit that at the State Museum in Columbia. A dedication ceremony was held in conjunction with the 2004 South Carolina State Conference.